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History of 30-30 Winchester Ammo:

In the early 20th century, the .30-30 was the first smokeless powder cartridge for a small-bore sporting rifle. It marked the transition from the traditional black powder of the 18th and 19th centuries to the smokeless powder that gained popularity at the turn of the 20th century and continues to do so today.bulk 30 30 ammo in stock. . . . .

.30-30 cartridges contain lead bullets with a diameter of .308 inches, in rimmed, bottlenecked cartridges with a diameter of .330 inches, and a diameter of .422 inches. The case measures 2.039 inches in length.winchester 30 30 rifle prices.30-30 winchester ammo belt.30 30 ammo in stock today.

.30-30 cartridges use a large pistol primer and can be loaded at a maximum pressure of 42,000 pounds per square inch (psi), according to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI).30 30 ammo prices walmart.

Standard factory rounds of the .30-30 cartridge contain bullets weighing between 150 and 170 grains and reaching velocities between 2,040 and 2,390 feet per second (fps). Muzzle energy is in the range of 1,827 to 1,902 foot-pounds (ft*lb).who has 30 30 ammo in stock.

It is known for its low recoil, which makes it an ideal cartridge for hunting whitetail deer. A bullet weighing 150 grains produces only 10.6 ft*lb of felt recoil, which is less than a .30-06.30 30 ammo for sale at walmart..

Types of .30-30 Ammo

You can purchase .30-30 Winchester ammo in the following configurations:

Hollow soft point (HSP):

The HSP revolver, which has a hollow point bullet with an exposed, soft point, has mostly been replaced by modern ammunition, but some hunters still prefer it.30-30 winchester ammo specs.
Pointed soft point (PSP).
This round has a semi-jacketed tip and is used primarily in bolt action .30-30 rifles, long guns with single shots, and a few revolvers chambered in the format.30-30 winchester ammo belt.

Nosler Partition. :

One of the most recent advances in ballistics, the Nosler Partition is a dual bullet that allows hunters to take down larger game, giving the .30-30 new advantages that the .30-20 could not previously match.30 30 ammo for sale free shipping..

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 30-30 ammo mean?

This particular round is commonly used for hunting large game and whitetail deer in the U.S., and it was the first round in American history to use smokeless powder, this round represents the transition from 19th-century black powder ammunition to 20th-century modern ammo. With a .308-inch diameter bullet, this cartridge has a rimmed, bottlenecked chamber. .

Can you tell me the bullet size of the 30-30?

A .30-30 bullet is either a jacketed round measuring .308 inches in diameter or a lead projectile measuring .309 inches in diameter. .

Are there any animals you can hunt with 30-30 ammo?

Most medium-sized games in North America and smaller large games are suitable for shooting in the .30-30 cartridge. It is commonly used to harvest whitetail deer, black bears, caribou, and pronghorn. It is common for hunters east of the Mississippi to use .30-30 rifles in hunting conditions that require a range of fewer than 200 yards. Long-distance shots are impossible in the Rocky Mountains with a .30-30 rifle.
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