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The History of .44 Special Ammunition:

Although the .44 S&W Special is considered to be one of the most accurate and versatile revolver rounds ever designed, its popularity never reached the same level as other revolver rounds. Still, even after 100 years since its invention, the .44 Special is still on the shelves of gun stores across the country, despite the fact that it has stood the test of time. A round of this type can be used to protect oneself, hunt, shoot targets, and have recreational fun.44 special ammoseek.44 Special Ammo For Sale.

A cartridge developed by modifying the .44 S&W Russian, the .44 Special features a rimmed bullet with a diameter of .429 inches inside an aluminum case that measures .457 inches across and 1.16 inches long. The case is 1.615 inches long, and the bullet has a diameter of .429 inches. It is determined that the cartridge’s maximum load is 15,500 pounds per square inch (psi) by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI), although many handloaders don’t agree with this number.44 Special Ammo For Sale. .

Different Types of .44 Special Ammo:

There are many reasons why the .44 Special round performs well on its own. There are many different bullet weights available in commercial ammunition today, ranging from 135 to 255 grains. Typical 200-grain rounds can reach muzzle velocities of 700 feet per second (fps) to 1,000 fps and can produce muzzle energies of up to 300-foot pounds (ft·lb).44 Special Ammo For Sale. .

There are a variety of manufacturers and types of ammunition for the .44 Special. The following are some of the most common options:

Lead round nose (LRN):

There are several shooting goals that can be achieved with LRN ammunition, including personal protection and plinking steel in the backyard. It is a standard ammo with lead bullets in brass or steel cases. Aside from feeding well, they deform on impact more than full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets, and they are inexpensive – especially when bulk .44 Special ammo is available.44 Special Ammo For Sale. .

Lead flat nose (LFN):

The lead bullets on the LFN rounds have a flat nose, so they are very similar to the LRN rounds. This type of .44 Special ammo is perfect for target shooting, as it cuts through paper targets much like a wadcutter bullet, making scoring easier. As well as being lighter in powder, they have a lower velocity, making them easier to fire, especially for novice or senior shooters with low recoil levels. For home defense, some people choose FLN ammo, which has a flat tip and more expansion than LRN ammo and, consequently, is more effective.44 Special Ammo For Sale. .

Jacketed hollow points (JHP):

As a result of the hard jacket on the bullet, the bullet keeps its shape during its trajectory. JHP ammo is made of lead and coated with copper. The hollowed point of JHP ammo allows it to expand upon impact, thus creating a larger impact wound and reducing the probability of overpenetration compared to FMJ.44 Special Ammo For Sale.

Lead semi-wadcutter hollow point (LSWCHP):

While it sounds like a mouthful, the LSWCHP ammunition is a useful, general-purpose ammunition that works well in most situations. The semi-wadcutter is ideal for target shooting, and because it cuts through paper instead of torn it, it is easier for you to score targets with this ammo. It is often easier to shoot these rounds because of their low pressure and lighter loads. As a result of their flat point and tapered nose, LSWCHP ammo offers better versatility than full wadcutters and can be used for self-defense or range work.44 Special Ammo For Sale.

Glaser safety slugs:

This ammunition was developed for U.S. Air Marshals in response to their needs. Those Marshals needed duty ammunition that could not over-penetrate or ricochet when fired on planes. Their ammunition consists of jacketed bullets with fragmented projectiles inside.44 Special Ammo For Sale.

Cowboy loads:

There are many different models and makes of cowboy ammo in .44 Special, but they share most of the same features – they are lighter and easier to handle. In contrast to modern ammunition, this ammo is designed to be used in older revolvers of the .44 Special.44 Special Ammo For Sale.

Is .44 Special better than .44 Magnum?

There are only a few differences between .44 Special and .44 Magnum, however. Both cartridges have the same diameter lead bullet (.429) in the same case (.457) and thickness (.060).

Despite the fact that many people believe the .44 Mag has more powder in it than the original .44 Special case, that’s not true (the original .44 Special case has plenty of powder left for additional powder). Rather, the case was lengthened to prevent the .44 Magnum from accidentally being loaded into older revolvers designed to hold Special ammunition. Due to concerns that the older firearms might not withstand the muzzle energy and velocity of the new bullets, the manufacturers decided that the rounds should not be able to fit in the cylinder of the firearm. 44 Special Ammo For Sale.44 special ammo canada


It is the higher pressure of the Magnum that makes the .44 Magnum a major difference over the .44 Special. SAAMI’s ammunition standards say that the maximum pressure for .44 Special is 15,500 psi, while the maximum pressure for .45 Mag is 36,000 psi. As a result of more than double the pressure, the .44 Mag has a much higher velocity, a stronger muzzle velocity, and more boom. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is .44 S&W Special ammo so popular?

In the United States, the 44 Special round is an extremely powerful revolver cartridge designed for self-defense and hunting. As the parent round for the .44 Magnum, this ammunition is also referred to as the .44 S&W and the .44 Special. .

Is .44 Special ammo suitable for home defense?

There are several types of .44 Special ammunition that can be used for home defense, including full metal jacket rounds. FMJ bullets can penetrate too deeply, so if that is a concern, choose a jacketed hollow point bullet that expands upon impact, reducing the risk of overpenetration. For shooters who find the .44 Special too recoiling for them, such as women or seniors, a lead flat nose round is a better choice, as it contains less powder and is easier to manage. .

Which .44 Special ammo is best for home defense?

It is possible to use almost any .44 Special ammo as a home defense round, as even full metal jacket rounds are deadly. There is, however, a risk that FMJ bullets will over-penetrate, so if that’s an issue, you may want to consider a jacketed hollow point bullet that expands on impact, reducing the risk. For some shooters, such as women or seniors, the recoil of the .44 Special can be too much. Consider lead flat nose rounds, which have less powder and are easier to handle.44 special ammo academy. .

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