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History of .22 Hornet Ammo:

Springfield Armory developed the .22 Hornet cartridge in 1930 and it has proven to be a great cartridge for varmints and predators to this day. It has even been used in the U.K. to hunt deer and has been highly successful in that country. With mild recoil and excellent accuracy, the cartridge is a good choice for hunting vermin in more populated areas – due to its low noise levels.

In order to avoid confusion with the modern round, a similar round called 22 Harwood Hornet preceded the 22 Hornet. There are no compatibilities between these two rounds. As we know it, the 22 Hornet was designed as a necked-down .25-20 single-shot loaded with black powder in the 1920s as the result of experimentation at the famous Springfield Armory, combining the black powder with .22 WCF.

The first commercially produced firearms for this cartridge appeared in 1932, created by Winchester using a wildcatted round. Winchester had picked up the cartridge in 1930 and began making ammunition for uncommercialized firearms.

History of 22 Hornet ammo part 2

As a result of its use in the U.S. Army Air Corps M4 and the M6 for aircrew members during World War II, the .22 Hornet became relatively famous. It was produced by Springfield Armory after the war, chambered in .22 Hornet and .410 Bore.

For the round, 1933 marked a turning point. It was in that year that the Winchester Model 54 rifle was released to the public for purchase on the assembly line. This cartridge became the third most popular round for Winchester Model 70s during the interwar period. In Europe, it was known as the 5.6x35mm round and was mainly used in bolt-action and single-shot guns.

For several reasons, the cartridge fell out of favor after the Second World War. One of the main reasons was that the primary American manufacturers changed the bore diameter of the round. As a result of their similar size and increased velocity, the Remington .222 and .223 cartridges were aimed at competing with and overtaking this round.

Despite the increasing competitiveness of the market, the round still exists and sells quite well among varmint hunters and some competition shooters, where it has a niche. Especially for those who find other calibers too powerful for accurate shooting, the light recoil is an attractive prospect, especially for young, injured, or smaller shooters.

.22 Hornet Ammo And Deer Hunting:

The short answer to the question of whether you “can” hunt deer with a 22 Hornet is: yes. It is perfectly possible to take down a deer with a 22 Hornet.

Even though it is possible to kill deer with the .22 Hornet round, it is in no way the best round for deer hunting. If you possess excellent shooting skills, you might be able to kill it with one bullet, but the odds are that you will harm the poor animal, so you will need to shoot it a second time, probably in a caliber that is better suited to hunt deer.

A round probably can’t penetrate deep enough to damage a vital organ. It might kill a deer with a headshot, but you’d be better off with an even more powerful cartridge.

.22 Hornet Ammo: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of a .22 Hornet?

It has a range of about 150 yards and has a low report that makes it pleasant to shoot. The Hornet is an adequate varmint cartridge.22 hornet ammo canada

How accurate is a .22 Hornet?

A good rifle and a Hornet cartridge can function together just like butter, and deliver exceptional accuracy. The Hornet offers almost no recoil (especially compared to larger varmint cartridges like the . 22-250 Remington) and gives excellent results.22 hornet ammo bass pro

22 Hornet Ammo for deer

Which is better, 22LR or 22 Hornet?

Comparatively to the .22 long rifle, the 22 Hornet is a faster, higher-energy round that gives almost twice the distance recommended for hunting varmints. In addition, the .22 Hornet isn’t as rapid in falling as the .22 long rifle.

What is the best place to buy 22 Hornet ammo?

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